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I’m Daniel Moleka a 19 year old Congolese born, I moved in South Africa in 2012 when I was 13 I had my entire teenage hood here South Africa basically raised me , I like a lot of things but I also dislike a few things I don’t really see myself as a fashion designer, I’m more of a creative, I love fashion it’s a passion of mine I’m still in college at Fedisa I started my business in 2016.

I’ve been raised by four countries, they’re my favorite, Congo Belgium South Africa and Japan . I was born in Congo it’s my culture , I’ve spent a lot of time in Belgium and I studied at a Belgium school in Congo , I’m currently based in South Africa and Japan has inspired me my all life .

My idea behind RedThread was to create a brand for the youth by the youth it’s a difficult road but I love what I do it’s my passion and I truly appreciate people that also love what I do. My Brand is currently SA BASED in Cape Town .

We’re not disrupting an existing market. We’re creating a new one.

Our backgrounds are diverse, but we’re united by a common mission.


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